Why Choose Us


Genuine Products

We provide you with 100% authentic and organic products. We assure you to cause no doubt and promise that you will be completely satisfied with the quality.


Efficient Delivery in Nepal

The timely delivery of the purchased items is one of the things that we do not compromise on. The purchased items will most certainly be delivered at a specified date and time for your convenience.


Best Price

The price range that we offer is compatible to every group of people. On harmonizing the quality of the product with its price margin, we are highly confident that our rate meets your expectation in today’s competitive market.

Efficient and Friendly Service in Nepal

Today’s online shopping market is highly dependent on efficancy and customer friendly service for a long lasting success. Hence, arrangement of these qualities best fit our marketing strategy for the ease of our customers.


No Minimum Order Required

Customers can order as much as products as per their interest. We set no rules for quantity and price range products to be purchased.


Outstanding Customer Service

We provide an exceptional service to our customers and receive a great feedback in response. Our punctual and effecient customer service is what we take an immense pride on.